A pilot managed to crash land in a cornfield without injuries and casualties in Argentina

A hero pilot crash landed in a cornfield after suffering engine failure in harsh weather conditions Рmanaging to save the lives of all nine people on board.

The unnamed pilot of a Cessna C-560 business jet was somehow able to land in the Otamendi Nature Reserve in the eastern Argentine province of Buenos Aires.

Dramatic pictures show how the plane touched down before skidding across the ground, leaving a muddy trail across the cornfield before coming to a halt.

Reports said that the plane encountered engine failure while flying in adverse weather conditions. 

The pilot successfully carried out an emergency landing in a cornfield and managed to save the lives of nine people on board, including himself.

All survivors left the plane uninjured, according to local media.

The footage shows the plane in the cornfield.

He is heard saying: ‘It is completely stuck, it is impossible to move it.’

A second video shows a straight line through the cornfield where the plane apparently landed.

The business jet took off from San Fernando International Airport and planned to land in a private airstrip called ‘La Venancia’ in Otamendi, according to local media.

Reports said the incident is being investigated by the Civil Aviation Accident Investigation Board of Argentina (JIAAC). It is currently unclear what caused the engine failure and the investigation is ongoing.

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