Adomi Bridge

The Adomi Bridge is located in Atimpoku in the Eastern Region of Ghana which is located along the Volta River. It is a two-hinged steel arch bridge with a deck suspended by cables. It crosses the Volta River that drains into the Gulf of Guinea and its 334m (1,096ft) long.
It was designed by William Christopher Brown of the engineers FREEMAN FOX & PARTNERS (now HYDER CONSULTING) in 1956, was completed in 1957 and was opened in the same year.
It is accessible from any part of Ghana. A trip from the north of Ghana and one will have to go through the eastern corridor and finally use the Adomi Bridge. Accra the capital of Ghana is about 130 kilometers from Atimpoku and Tema is also 100 kilometers away.
Adomi Bridge is open to tourist 24/7. Tourist can walk on it, have pictures and have fun as well. Remember, ‘No Loitering of the surroundings’.


• 2014: The Bridge has been closed to traffic on 10 March 2014 till 2016 for repair works.

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