Am I Safe To Fly In This COVID-19 Era?


We all know how this COVID-19 came to halt flight and other mediums of transportation operations. This graduated to even locking some part of the country down for some period to curtail the spread of the deadly Coronavirus.

All major and minor airlines across the globe have been affected greatly as the virus spreads by getting closer or in contact with an affected person in which flight operations as a whole are a catalyst. Because of that, airlines have to stop the spread by halting operations.

This idea has affected many travelers and tourists as the movement to their destinations has been gapped.

But after barely one month of flight suspension domestically in Ghana, the government lifted the ban on domestic flights on many conditions. As airlines always vow to make passengers comfortable and safe, they accepted to operate under such conditions. The conditions are that the airlines are to

  1. Make sure there’s a social distancing onboard the aircraft.
  2. A few staff at the check-in counter hence the social distancing.
  3. Every passenger must wear a face mask.
  4. Every passenger must possess an alcohol-based hand sanitizer/hand rub.

Option 1 clearly states that airlines must not transport full flight.

Now, how safe am I when flying? This has been the question of some travelers. This article explains or shows the measures in place to keep you safe when flying with any of the domestic flights.

    1. Sanitizers or hand rubs are situated at vantage points at the airports. Any person that enters the terminal must sanitize the hands.

    2. Additionally, port health officials are at the entrance of both the departure and arrival halls ensuring any person be it staff or a passenger is screened by checking the temperature before entering. Any person who refuses is denied entry.

    3. At the check-in counters and the security screening areas, demarcations are ensuring social distancing manifests between checking in passengers as well as staff.

    4. Passengers and staff are required to sanitize their hands after handling anything within the terminal.
    5. Fellow passengers are monitored to be in a face mask every time within the airport vicinity.
    6. The seats at the boarding gate have legible inscriptions communicating where a passenger can and cannot seat to ensure social distancing.

    7. Boarding the aircraft is done per seat rows at the departure halls to ensure social distancing at the aircraft side.

    8. Every passenger is required to sanitize the hands before entering the aircraft. An agent is positioned at the aircraft side ensuring this measure.
    9. A face mask is worn throughout the entire flight.
    10. The cabin is disinfected before boarding and after disembarkation of passengers.
    11. Passenger’s bags are also disinfected before loading and after offloading.

These are some major measures implemented to keep you as a passenger on a flight safe from the virus. So we want to assure you that, it is more than safe to fly during this Covid-19 era as compared to other modes of travel.

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