Breaking News: All Domestic Airlines grounded due to unannounced strike by Air Traffic Controllers

Information reaching Phils Travel Services indicates that, The Air Traffic Controllers (ATC) of Ghana Civil Aviation Authority are on indefinite unannounced strike.

This strike was not announced as said earlier. It was due for one of the domestic airlines, PassionAir to take-off from the threshold of the runway in Accra to Tamale, but returned back to the apron.

A passenger onboard recalled that, the pilot informed them that, they had to return to the apron due to an industrial action by the ATC.

The airline officials have confirmed that, they have not been informed by the action of the ATC and that, they have checked in passengers to their various destinations. Passengers are hoping to be at their destination and was hit by this unforseen action. Many of them are okay whilst others cannot bear it as they have to meet business timelines among others.

The cause of the strike is yet to be known. 

This is a developing story, we promise to bring you any development in the coming hours

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