Do you know PassionAir offers Student Fares?

Obviously No!
PassionAir, one of the Ghanaian owned airlines which started operations in August 2017 so far has the cheapest fares for its customers and the general public as compared to other domestic airlines.
Passionair currently operates to Tamale and Kumasi from its hub in Accra, Kotoka International Airports. Customer service has been redefined by PassionAir airlines staff as they give their very best for the comfortabilty of their passengers.
PassionAir is the airlines that operates with a bigger aircraft domestically with a seat capacity of 78. 
Ticket Fares ranges from GHc150 to GHc465 which comparatively quite cheaper when bought in advance.

Upon the cheaper nature of the flight tickets, PassionAir considered students and gave out the very best deals and discounts on their tickets. Students with a valid student identity card from an accredited tertiary education institution in Ghana qualify for this offer. In addition, students must be between the ages of 18-25 years. Let’s find below all the terms and conditions of the Students Fare Discounts.


 PassionAir offers special discount to students. Students can purchase these specially discounted tickets if they meet the following conditions:


  1. Passengers MUST be students of an accredited tertiary education institution in Ghana.
  2. Students must be aged between 18 to 25 years at the time of their flight.
  3. Students MUST possess a valid student ID card issued by an accredited tertiary education institution in Ghana.

General Terms & Conditions:

  1. Students MUST present a valid student ID at the point of purchase.
  2. Students MUST present a valid student ID at the check-in counter. Failure to provide a valid student ID at the check-in counter will result in the passenger being denied boarding.
  3. The student ID is ONLY for verification purpose at the airline check-in counter and will not be accepted for security checks by the Airport Authorities. Student passengers MUST still present a valid Government of Ghana issued ID. Acceptable IDs are: National ID Card, Drivers’ License, NHIS Card, Voter’s ID and Passport.
  4. Student tickets are NOT ELIGIBLE for online check-in.
  5. Student discounts are ONLY applicable on Silver and Gold fares.
  6. Student discounts are NOT applicable on Bronze fares.
  7. Student fares can ONLY be booked and purchased at PassionAir sales point. They cannot be purchased online or through a travel agency.
  8. Standard fare rules and conditions applies to student fares.
  9. Standard baggage allowance applies.
  10. The student discount is 10% applied on Silver and Gold fares only. The discount is automatically applied during the reservation process.
  11. Student fares are subject to availability.
  12. PassionAir reserves the right to cancel this offer, review the level of the discount or its applicability at any time without prior notice.


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