Ethiopian Airlines lays off majority of workers due to redundancy

Ethiopian Airlines, Africa’s biggest Airlines has began to lay off workers, including crew members in response to the devastating impact of the pandemic crisis on the worldwide travel industry.

The staff criticized the choice to get off thousands of employees with no pay for three months and possibly longer within the pandemic era.

This decision popped up because the airline is struggling and has no choice to cancel flights to countries that have the virus widely spreads, including China. It had promised to offset losses caused by Covid-19 with a rise in cargo flights and aircraft maintenance. This led to a presumption employees weren’t at a risk of being laid off at such an outsized scale, the union claimed.

Further checks by Phils Travel Services indicates that most of the workers were forced to agree to this development. And it continues to established that, failure to sign the letter/notice means there will be no job opportunities should the pandemic be over.

“The company does not opt for the termination of your employment contract by now and rather we found it plausible to grant you annual leave and leave without pay for a specified duration,”
“Hence, as per our discussion and consensus reached thereof you are hereby granted 90 consecutive days of leave without pay which will be in effect from April 03, 2020 to July 2nd 2020 after you exhaust all accrued and prorated vacation days”, the letter reads.

In response to questions by some media crew, Ethiopian Airlines says it has laid off only contract employees under an agreement made with their recruitment agencies. All the local flight crew members are hired by the airline directly while custodians and support staff are recruited from agencies as per need request and did not address the issues with flight attendants.

“As our flights to over 87 destinations suspended and over 80 of our fleets are grounded, we have instructed some of our workers to take a paid leave,” said the airline’s statement.

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