Ghanaian bloggers are liars, COVID-19 is still active

In a recent news update by some Ghanaian bloggers states that, an amateur in a video was seen ascending to heaven in China.

And again in the news write up, it states that, this video is believe to have taken CoronaVirus or the COVID-19 away from the planet earth.

A team from Phils Travel Services contacted partners in China for confirmation in line with such video and and all proved to be false! Yes, false!!. 

Nothing of that sort has ever happened in China. In a whatsApp chat, Phils Travel Services team insisted for the truth to be said but the

Chinese counterparts still remained at their position that, nothing of that sort happened in China.

We from Phils Travel Services would like advise the bloggers that, such information should be confirmed before publishing as it may mislead tourists around the globe.

Many tourists may think it’s true and may want to rebook their travels’.

Already, this CoronaVirus pandemic has caused a lot of travel service providers. Right from the travel guides to the airlines. It’s really a pandemic. 

The chats was screenshot and it could be found below. 

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