Man scares passengers onboard EasyJet flight as he tries to open the cabin door at 33,000ft.

An EasyJet passenger caused panic onboard when he tried to open one of the cabin doors mid-flight.

The incident occurred when a packed flight from London Gatwick was descending into Pisa airport in Tuscany.

The man, thought to be in his 30s, reportedly pulled on the emergency door handle after using the toilet, before being restrained by passengers and crew.

Fellow passenger Richard Conyard told The Sun: “One of the crew screamed at him to stop and other passengers started shouting and crying. Everyone was understandably very scared.

“He just sat there until we landed. We had to stay in our seats until the police arrived.”



In a statement to The Independent, the no-frills carrier said: “EasyJet can confirm that the Captain of flight EZY8233 from London Gatwick to Pisa on 24 April requested police to meet the aircraft on arrival as a passenger made an attempt to open one of the cabin doors during the descent.

“While it would not have been possible to open the door due to the cabin pressurization, the crew responded quickly to ensure the passenger remained seated until landing.

“EasyJet’s cabin crew are trained to assess and evaluate all situations and to act quickly and appropriately to ensure that the safety of the flight and other passengers is not compromised at any time.

“Safety is always easyJet’s highest priority.” 

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