My experience on PassionAir flight

I had to visit Akosombo by hook or crook so I decided to fly on passionAir to Accra from Kumasi and then connect to Akosombo.

As an aviation baby, I have heard many people say all sorts of stories about passionAir staff and I want to say categorically that, all those stories are false!

From my origin, thus Kumasi, I was checked in by one staff called Theresah. She served me to my surprise. Even though we were many in the queue pending check-in, she professionally followed all the procedures. She asked the mandated questions in regard to the dangerous goods, articles, and Liquid, aerosols, and gels. I wondered if it was only me that she asked. So after checking in, I stood at a distance and watch her serve other passengers. And I realized her services were across every individual she checks in. 

I thought I have seen it all until I get on board the flight. The cabin crews on duty were very professional, fluent, and well-groomed. The flight was very smooth but got scared when we were landing in Accra. I’m sure because it is my first time on passionAir.

During the flight, it was announced that whoever needed earplug can request should you feel the sound is too much for you. We were served some snacks even though I wasn’t expecting it, the flight was just 30 minutes. 

To make long stories short, I had a very beautiful and good time flying with passionAir. Will recommend it for you to try and thank me later.




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