Passionair follows the trend of resuming scheduled flight domestically

The greenlight has been given to the domestic flight operators to operate after 3 weeks suspension caused by the spread of COVID-19 virus.

In an earlier post by Phils Travel Blog, AWA resumes flight operations domestically in Ghana, PassionAir has also join the train to start operations on 22nd April 2020. This was disclosed in a statement. Read it below.

‘PassionAir is happy to announce the resumption of our flight operations effective Wednesday 22nd of April once daily to Kumasi and Tamale.

To curb the spread of COVID 19, the safety protocols below will be strictly adhered to before and during our flights:

1. Mandatory hand sanitizing before boarding.

2. Mandatory temperature checks

3. Passengers should procure face masks and will be required to wear them for the entire duration of the flight.

Please visit, call 0800 221 221 or download our mobile app – PassionAir, at App Store or Google Play Store for your reservations and enquiries. Contact your travel agent or online travel agency (OTA), if you have booked directly with them for rebooking and reservations.

Stay calm, Stop the Spread and Fly Safe.’

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