SA Specialist, what it is and how to join.

SA Specialist Program, What it is?

The SA Specialist program is an interactive learning experience designed to enhance your knowledge about South Africa. It is based online and equip you with the ability to sell South Africa as a tourist destination; in regard, you become an expert of South African travel marketers, enabling you the chance to plug yourself intrinsically and to enhance the extent of service you give to South Africa tourists.

The courses are slated in 2 categories:
Essentials course; which introduces you to South Africa and its attractions. And
Experiences course; which exposes you to a series of fantastic South African experiences.

Study at your leisure, but it should be within the three months. One amazing thing is that, when forgot to complete the course, you’ll be notified some few days to the deadline.
You’ll need to successfully complete four compulsory modules, three elective modules (though you may opt to complete up to nine elective modules if you wish), and a final assessment so as to qualify as a SA Specialist.

Once you’ve become a SA Specialist by completing the Essentials course, you qualify for the video-rich SA Specialist: Experiences course, which exposes you to a series of fantastic South African experiences. Choose one experience, or choose all of them, your preference matters. There’s no limit.

Through the SA Specialist program, you’ll become a South Africa Tourism – accredited travel specialist who has the knowledge to sell South Africa as a destination. You’re also entered into the South African Tourism (SAT) database of SAT Specialists, improving your marketability. you’ll receive a certificate confirming that you have successfully completed the relevant course and can be entitled to use the name ‘SA Specialist’ or ‘South African travel expert’ in your marketing materials.

Another thing to know is that, the courses are free.

Advantages of becoming a SA Specialist.

  1. You’ll be able to brand yourself as a SA Specialist or South African travel expert in your marketing materials.
  2. You’ll increase your knowledge about South Africa , thereby increasing your earning potential.
  3. You’ll be ready to create more enticing packages for your clients, enhancing your reputation as a go-to person for South African travel, and increasing your business opportunities.
  4. Personal fulfillment – tourism could be a dynamic and exciting industry; you’ll maximize the role you play within it.


  1. Improve the level of service you give clients
  2. Improve your marketability and branding
  3. Improve your earning potential
  4. Increase business opportunities
  5. Turn knowledge into wealth
  6. It’s free

Urging all employers also as employees to require outing and challenge your level of public knowledge about our beautifully diverse country, to tackle this program and enjoy the advantages.

How to register for the program.

In order to partake in the SA Specialist program, you need to first register as a participant on their website

  1. Right after clicking on the above website link, you’ll ses the front page. You can scroll through the front page to learn more about tghe program.

2. Click on ‘REGISTER NOW’ or ‘LOG IN’button to register for the program. 

3. Enter your particulars and submit for your immediate account creation.

4. After registration succesfully, you’ll be redirected to the tutorials page; where you’ll be taken throuh how to use the web pages.

5. After reading through, click on ‘COURSES’ to reveal the 2 categories we spoke about already.

6. Now, click on ESSENTIALS start your compulsory lessons. You have 4 of them to complete before you can proceed to the second category which is EXPERIENCES. You may choose to complete all, it’s ideal if you complete all.

7. You can click on ‘VIEW’ to see your progress.


Now with all these tutorials you will be able to manipulate the website without any hassles.

You may want to see the previous specialists, click ‘view Specialists’ to see them. You can contact any for guidance and assistance, choose a region/country to see the various specialists. View Specialists here.


Recently, SA Specialists were hosted in South Africa. read more here. SAT Hosts SA Specialists 2019 in 2020

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