The End of the Giant Airplane

Hmmm!!! Nnipa ns3 hwee; which literally means, humans are nothing. Such is life as motivators will always recount.

Why the above statement?

Everything has a lifespan which this giant aircraft is not left out. This aircraft was used by Golden link to operate domestically within Ghana and due to economic instability, they suspended operations. This suspension really left a quite number of people unemployed till now.

This aircraft in question has to be pushed back/towed from the Airside to the landside of Kumasi airport. It was later used for tourist attractions for the general public which allows the tourists to have access to the cabin and the cockpit of it.

“I remembered I was once asked to educate a group of tourists about the aircraft; Julius Brook recounted”.

The aircraft served a lot of tourists especially the various young students that happens to come to the airport for an excursion.

“I have never entered a plane before ever since I was born. Thanks to this giant propeller aircraft…. Said by one of the tourists in the year 2014”.

The giant plane was later converted to a travel and Tour operated by Spotless Travel and Tour in the year 2017. Great innovation as a lot of people praised that idea. Inside of the plane was so much decorated such that, you wouldn’t want to come out if entered.

In 2018, the Ghana Airports company decided to expand the boundaries of the airport with phase II which sought former president John Dramani Mahama and the sitting president Nana Addo Danquah Akufo Addo cutting sod in the previous year on 2 separate occasions.

Contracta was awarded the contract and all began officially in 2018, giving a timeline of 2 years to complete the whole project. In the course, many offices at the airport must be moved away which affected the giant aircraft used for the travel and Tour. Many people including myself were wondering where this plane could be moved to.

On the 24th of February 2020, I visited Kumasi Cultural center all to meet my dear giant aircraft lying helpless. The giant plane was divided into equal halves, wings detached and kept elsewhere as well as the tail. Tears went down my cheeks as this reflected to me once again how life is. One could see, the aircraft isn’t happy with its current state.

My heart reminded me about how a giant can become helpless at a point in time. No condition is permanent truly. I’m not sure of what the plane at the cultural center will be used for. Phils Travel blog will keep you updated as and when it matters.

See the pictures below.

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